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I am not an avid hunter like my husband, my brothers, and many of our friends. I am not a fan of getting up at four in the morning, freezing to death in a blind, quietly awaiting prey to appear. Yes, my sweet husband took me once to do this exact thing at his family’s ranch. Did you notice how I said once? One time was all it took to realize that when hunting is involved, husbands do not take into consideration their wives.
My husband and I have three young children. Our free time is scare and precious. This, and my previous hunting experience with my husband, is why it took our friends an entire year to convince me to join them at Champion Ranch. I am so glad that I finally said “yes.”
I am not a woman who is easily impressed, but the Champion Ranch family is quite impressive. Most hunting establishments are geared toward pleasing the hunters alone. Champion Ranch’s goal is to keep everyone happy at all times. Every guest is a priority from the moment of arrival. The Champion Ranch family sets the bar high when it comes to good old southern hospitality.
No one would ever describe me as average. I do not eat what others eat, drink what others drink, or keep a schedule that others keep. This is not a problem at Champion Ranch. They contact everyone ahead to time to learn about everyone’s expectations. I have a huge sweet tooth, but I do not eat chocolate. Dinner includes both chocolate and non-chocolate desserts while I am there. I guess I should also mention that I do not eat much meat, but they are certain to have my favorite foods on hand while I am their guest. The bar and refrigerators are always stocked with everyone’s favorite alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. They also stock the coolers in every vehicle with everyone’s favorite drinks. They have enclosed and open-air vehicles for those who want to hunt, observe, or do both. I have had so much fun riding around in the truck, heat blasting (on cold days), laughing with my girlfriends. My husband opts for the ATV, jacket, and gloves even on very cold days. I know that he has been accused of being smart, but at times like that I am not so sure.
My room at Champion Ranch is always extremely clean (after you meet Amy and Joel Swan you will understand why), quiet and comfortable. The rooms are spacious, and include all of the most important things… comfortable beds, good reading lights, and flat screen satellite televisions.
Champion Ranch is not inside the city limits or even outside of a big city. You can imagine my surprise when I found out that Joel Swan had arranged to have onsite massage therapists for all of the wives! I was able to spend my morning completely relaxed. I always wake up early, but love to read in bed. I was able to eat some of Papa Joe’s breakfast bonanza, go climb back into bed, read a book, and await my massage. It was wonderful!
That night a chef from Dallas cooked us a fantastic dinner. We all sat together and reminisced while eating a meal none of us would soon forget. Great music soon followed, and the twenty of us sat by the fire listening to songs the band had never shared with anyone. At times in my life I sit back and tell myself to “never forget this moment.” I did that more than once that night. We were all in a dream, and I was so grateful to have been a part of that dream.
I have gone back to Champion Ranch quite a few times since that first weekend. The experience is always unique and geared toward the individual guests. I have even taken my children (daughters ages 2, 3, and son age 6) to Champion Ranch. All three of my children fell in love with the people and the place. My son has not stopped talking about hunting with his dad. Champion Ranch is not made up of owners and employees, but of family and friends. Their enthusiastic relationship with their guests and each other makes all of the difference, and is the primary reason my family and our friends’ families make regular trips to Champion Ranch.
Amanda Dinger - Letter from Non-Hunter
Champion Ranch is easily my favorite location to enjoy the hunting experience and atmosphere. The staff is extremely friendly and the food is always delicious. The variety of animals are outstanding and there are few things as spectacular as viewing a herd of African animals grazing and/or galloping in their habitat. They offer different hunting styles to accommodate the hunter and the quality of the animal you take will be superb. You don't just come to the Champion join it! Happy hunting.Josh Abbott - Texas Country Recording Artist


What a memorable experience! Our hunt was awesome. I've never been anywhere that I can say everything went so perfectly. Starting with the accommodations, I was blown away by how nice everything was! The lodge is immaculate. The beds were comfortable, the bathrooms were nice and clean. Shuffleboard, pool table, video games! Are you kidding me?

And the huge bar with everything you can imagine. I've been to fancy hotels that don't offer some of the amenities you guys have.

The meals were excellent. The setting in the evening was hard to beat. We come in after a day of hunting and everything is sitting there hot and ready. It's not your average hunting camp. You guys do a wonderful job of planning every detail and making it feel like home.

Now about the hunt. None of us had ever had an experience like that hunt. The personalized service was amazing. Rolling out of bed, having a hot meal ready and then loading up in the coolest hunting buggies I've ever seen. Having our rifles and gear sitting there, a guide asking if we need anything for the day and then jumping in and being on top of the animals within 5 minutes was great! We got four great animals and each hunt had a great story.

Tim being from Canada had never been to Texas and had never experienced a hunt like yours. He went home with a great oryx and an even better story to tell. Marcs addax hunt was exciting. I couldn't believe how well you tracked him and how you kept working to get the shot. That was really cool. My dad's story on his oryx was classic. Last day, last hour of daylight. It was a real group effort and he was proud of the way you guys worked to get his trophy. My eland was a classic spot and stalk that took over two hours! We just kept working him till we could get a good opportunity. What a fun animal to hunt. And the meat is awesome!

I really appreciate the level of service after the hunt too. Thanks for taking care of the caping, lining up the taxidermist and having our meat ready to take to the processor. You guys really have something special. I can't imagine a better place to go for a good time. The attention to detail and the endless opportunity you offer makes it a great destination for anyone. It's like Disney World for grown ups!

Thanks again. I'll be back soon!

Jeff Leary - Texas

When the folks at Champion Ranch tell you that you will have the Time of Your Life, you had better get ready!

From the time you drive through the gate until the time you leave, you will have the best time ever. In my almost 50 years of living, I have been to many ranches throughout Texas and it is always the same old thing. They get you in there and get you out of there. They try and get you to shoot anything just to get it over with, but NOT at Champion Ranch. When I say, "it is all about you," I mean it. This is a fist class operation with the main goal of "FUN” on the agenda. Joe and Joel have got the best personalities when it comes to hosting guests at their place in Colorado City. They bring the best out in people. I went there just looking to hunt an Axis deer and felt like I was in a place where I was the center of attention. Anything you want to do is what is on the list of to do's. If you want to go swimming, shooting, sight seeing, or hang out at the full service bar, it is up to you. This is after you harvest your exceptional trophy! While you are there, you will see only the finest in whitetail and exotics. I am a professional taxidermist and I can testify that their animals are always exceeding the "trophy" class standards. The staff will do everything within their means to insure you take a quality animal and have the time of your life doing it. If you want quail, they have the largest quail population I have seen in years. They will even customize a Pheasant/Chukar hunt for you!

But, that is not all!!! Taking your trophy is only the beginning. If you hunt three days and take the trophy on the first day, guess what? You will have the rest of the time to eat like a king and PLAY!!! When I say eat like a King, I mean it. From gourmet cooking out of Lubbock, to buffalo burgers on the huge fire pit out back, you will eat like a king. Oh I almost forgot. If you request ahead of time, they even have an authentic Cajun chef that will drive from the heart of Cajun country to entertain the guests while cooking some of the finest Cajun food you will ever eat.

Fun is the order of the day!! Before and after the great food, anything you want to do is what is going on. They have an awesome swimming pool, skeet range (even at night), rifle range, golf ball driving platform, and plenty of Polaris Rangers to take you sight seeing.

All in all, Champion Ranch is by far the finest and most enjoyable hunting "EXPERIENCE" out there. We work hard for our money and the Swans understand that. You will be satisfied with every dollar spent. As a matter of fact, I have not gone to any other hunting facility since I stepped foot on the ground at Champion Ranch!! And, I have been back many times!

If you are looking to go on any hunt, whether monster whitetail, exotics, or wingshooting the place to go is, by a long shot, CHAMPION RANCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul Broeder - Lousiana
I have had the good fortune to hunt around the world the last few years and the Champion Ranch is the cream of the crop. Whether you are an experienced hunter or taking a group of kids for their first hunt the guys at Champion Ranch will take great care of all your needs. Joel Swan knows how to get the job done right and Papa Joe will make sure you have an outstanding time! So when it's time to book that monster Whitetail hunt or an African species you've always wanted or just want to spend a few days with a "big boy tottie" the Champion Ranch is the place to be!! Ronnie Norcross - Sachse Texas.
Hey Joel,

I wanted to take a moment and tell you again how much fun I had last winter hunting at the ranch with you guys. Being a father of five and running a business that requires a lot of attention during hunting season I don’t get out and do what I love as much as people think. When the occasion does arrive and I am not carrying kids with me I love to have fun with the guys.

From the time I arrived at the ranch until I drove out the gate I had a relaxing and memorable time. Every one of your staff members were fun and extremely accommodating from the get go. As a business owner, you always want your customers to enjoy what you are offering, and to build a life long relationship. I can tell you that your mission was accomplished with me. The whole experience from the camp side laughs to the awesome food, it was the best.

Joel, you and I had visited over the past few years about me coming out and harvesting an Axis and Black Buck and I am so glad that I did. The hunting experience was old school spot and stalk and the animals were plentiful. I can’t thank you enough for the memories; I look forward to making this a tradition.

Thanks Again!!

Craig SmithOwner/Founder – GameGuard Camo
"Not unlike most hunters, I truly love the sport. The planning and preparation, the anticipation, the practice, and finally the HUNT! However a total hunting experience involves so much more for me. The Champion Ranch offers the entire hunting experience comprised of a fantastic tracking and hunting environment and a superior selection of animals from far and wide. You will enjoy the rugged landscape that creates a true fair chase hunt. With multiple elevated vantage points, one can enjoy the beautiful sunrises and sunsets. I have spent hundreds of hours enjoying the very land that Native Indians lived and died. Champion Ranch is a great place once the sun goes down as well. If you like good food along with your favorite beverages around a campfire, this is your place. Many a “fish story” has been told around that campfire surrounded by old friends. I love spending time with others that share my passion for the outdoors. By the way, I am so glad that the fire cannot talk. In summary, I love hunting and I love the time I spend at the “Ranch”. If you are looking for a place that offers great hunting, good food, fantastic accommodations and knowledgeable hunting staff, spend some time in Colorado City, Texas at the CHAMPION RANCH!" Curtis Hogan
"I've been to Champion Ranch now at least 3 times, each time the experience just gets better. The quality and the wide variety of exotic wild game animals are incredible. They are always upgrading and adding new exotic species frequently, hence another reason for me to keep returning to Champion Ranch. You will be surprised by how beautiful the land is, and how difficult it can be to find much of the game you wish to stalk, but that is all part of the experience. I am always impressed by the excellent service provided, the staff is outstanding, accommodations are second to none and don't expect to leave without gaining a few pounds. I will be going back very soon, looking forward to another great hunt - I wouldn't expect anything less."
Sid Bjorlie - Geophysical Advisor EOG Resources - Ft. Worth West Division
"I thought I would drop you a line to tell you how much I have enjoyed my recent trips to Champion Ranch. During the last few years, I have been lucky enough to enjoy shooting in my native Britain as well as trips to Argentina; however, when all is said and done, I have to say that my times at Champion Ranch have probably been the best. Just like a favorite fishing hole, I keep finding myself thinking about when I can get back to Colorado City to kick back and enjoy some great Texas hospitality and some of the best shooting around. Please give my best to all at the ranch and know that I intend to visit my favorite “fishing hole” as soon as I can!" Barry Morgan - Connecticut
"Joel and Joe, I just want to share with you what a great hunt my grandson, Jacob, and I had with you recently at Champion Ranch. The accommodations and food were over the top...truly FIRST CLASS. All the animals we saw were of excellent quality, but the ones we took were superb. Jacob is still beaming over his huge Texas Dall that he took’ and I am still in shock over the MONSTER mouflon that we happened upon. More importantly than all that was the wonderful hospitality extended to us by you and all your staff. We did not want to leave and will certainly be back anytime you will have us."
God Bless You and Yours,
Gene Day - President Steel Depot
"I have hunted all round the world, and the experience at Champion Ranch is second to none. Whether hunting record book trophy animals or enjoying a dove hunt by the Acapulco Lounge, the Swan boys do it in style!" Clay Cash - Texas
"My group of quail hunters has been going to Champion Ranch for the last several years and have made it at least an annual event, sometimes hunting several times per year. Some of our group come from as far as Connecticut to hunt with the guys at Champion. The lodging is excellent, the food is great and plentiful, and the chef is possibly the only chef in West Texas who is looking at a presidential bid for office! The ranch has a wide variety of exotics, whitetail, and native quail-those Texas “rockets” that West Texas is so famous for. Our group enjoys running bobwhite and blue quail in the morning and afternoons and relaxing around the big screens for football game or a nap around lunch. Evenings are always interesting as you never know who might show up for musical entertainment, and there is always plenty of nighttime clays shooting. Have you ever tried to shoot a range ball hit by a 5 iron in the floodlights? That’s a challenge! We have found a home with Joel, Joe, Reese, Billy, and Les at Champion Ranch; and you will be sure to find us there this coming hunting season." Steve Roberts - President – SCR Construction Co., Inc.
"We have hunted with Champion Ranch since the beginning, and they keep getting better and better. Excellent accommodations, food, and hospitality along with some great hunting is why we keep coming back year after year." R. Lee Clitheroe - DDS - Sugar Land, Texas
"I have had the pleasure of hunting twice at the Champion Ranch. The facilities, fellowship, and food are all first class. "Poppa Joe" and Joel Swan make sure that your hunting and overall experience there will be memorable, and something that you will want to do again! The hunting is truly fair chase, and the animals are trophy quality. I have hunted on several exotic ranches in Texas, and I would rate my two Champion Ranch experiences at the top. " Howard Kemp